About Us

CHINA. NANJING TAIHE MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Our company is a professional manufacturer for the poultry ,livestock slaughtering machines and food processi ,etc. The top-grade qualities of products in our factory are owed to our advanced manufacturing and testing instrum equipments, scientific management system and superior technological facilities. In our factory we also carry ou standardized and programmed designs and productions. Products have been exported to the United States, Russia, Tajikistan, Costa, Venezuela, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, N Vietnam and South America and Australia and other countries. Our Company comply with The ISO9001quality control system , standardization ,routinization to Design and Manufacturing. Furthermore we are able to design and manufacture special equipments according to clients’special demands a simultaneously provide them with all-rounded services including installation and debug of full-set equipments a training. Our powerful computer management system of users’files and automatic and regular monitoring serv freed users from any worries. It is our feature as well as our tenet that we should try to understand what clien thinking and produce what clients are demanding, with market as our orientantion and science and technology support.All Our Products can be in accord with National food sanitation requirement and national Exporting Sta The series of full-set equipments for further processing ready-made foods produced by our factory are suitable processing baked chicken,baked goose ,braised chicken, salted duck, salted chicken, salted goose, wind-dried duck, roast rabbit, and fried pork flakes. In addition, they can also be used to process braised duck and rabbit meats with soy sauce.. In addition, I also on behalf of the user to provide a one-stop personal service I slaughter pipeline supporting m refrigeration engineering; slaughtering sewage treatment projects, design, installation and construction. We work on the basis of satisfying the client require ,on the target for practical using with our professional se ,welcome all the clients to cooperate with us.

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